Important dates coming up


Heads up, these are 2 important dates you should be aware of.

Sunday 31 August – Census date

This census date means it’s the last day to withdraw from your standard semester 2 subjects without having to pay for the subject. It also when you pay your fees.

I go into more detail about census dates and how to pay your fees in previous blog posts. There’s a step-by-step guide on how to access your ‘statement of liability’ that tells you how much money you need to pay, and how to pay the amount. Check em out :)

Friday 26 September – Withdraw without fail

This is your last chance to withdraw from standard semester 2 subjects without getting a fail grade on your academic record.

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1/3 of a semester down

We say it every semester, but it’s crazy how fast the semester is flying by. I don’t even know where the past 4 weeks have gone! It’s all been a big blur to me.

Things in Daphane-land are going well. This semester is shaping up to be one of my favourite/most enjoyable semesters at uni, which is just what I needed after semester 1, aka the worst semester in the history of uni. My faith in uni and everything has been restored!

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Week 3 events

I was hoping to get this blog post up this morning, but I’ve been having trouble connecting to UniWireless today.

Apologies in advance if I missed your request to include an event in this blog post. Honestly – I’ve lost track on all the requests! I’ll think of a better way for you to send your requests in so I don’t miss them next week.

Anyways, here’s a selection of events running this week.

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