What are graduations like?

Today’s graduation at Wilson Hall

Graduations are such a happy occasion and I always love working grads shifts! Today is the day where the university kicks off their March graduation ceremonies and I was lucky to be rostered on to work today! Yay!

With graduations, there are two venues that you can graduate from – Wilson Hall (on campus) or Royal Exhibition Building (off campus).

I cannot wait till I get to put on my regalia and graduate next year (that is, if everything goes to plan!). For me – I REALLY want to graduate from Wilson Hall. It’s such a beautiful, little, intimate venue. And you’re ON CAMPUS! I want my graduation photos taken around Old Arts, South Lawn etc. But being a science kid, I have a strong feeling that I’m set to graduate in REB (Royal Exhibition Building) Aww :(

REB is too big for my liking. But it’s still a beautiful place! I just don’t want to graduate in a place where I sat my exams. Bad memories *shudders*

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 7.07.53 PM
Commerce kids graduation in REB (Sorry for the iphone quality pic)

And each faculty has different colour hoods, so I know that for science our hoods will be olive green, arts will be blue, commerce light blue etc.

Only sad thing is – that us undergrads won’t get the fancy hats! Sad face. Maybe I should come back and do postgrad when I’ve finished my undegrad, JUST so I can graduate with the hat…Hmm…

Anyhoos, this was just a quick post to show you guys what to expect when you graduate :)


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