Re-enrol, you shall.


Heads up! Re-enrolment is coming up soon. Here is some information you should know about re-enroling.

What is re-enrolment?

what-does-this-meanIf you are planning to continue your studies next year, you need to re-enrol! If you don’t re-enrol, you’re basically telling the university that you’re not studying with them in 2014, and you lose your place at the uni.

When do I need to re-enrol?


Re-enrolment period is from 21 October – 13 December. But don’t leave it to the last minute! You will be charged a $100 fine if you enrol late, and your enrolment may even be potentially cancelled (it happens).

How do I re-enrol?


If you have not clue how to re-enrol, hang tight – I’ll put up a tutorial when re-enrolment opens. A link will pop up on the portal. You need to fill out an ‘enrolment declaration‘, and then you enrol in your subjects or apply for a leave of absence.

What I suggest you do in the meantime

1. Browse the handbook

Start sussing out what subjects to do for next year! I’ve lost the date of when the 2014 handbook comes out and I absolutely can’t find the date anywhere online. But I’d presume that the timetable should be out before re-enroling opens. You don’t need to put in the exact subject you want to do (you can always change it before the census date next year).


2. Have a chat to a student advisor

I totally recommend having a chat to a student advisor at your student centre to go through your study plan. Why? Well…it’s good to just make sure that you are doing the correct subjects, and to check if there are many pre-req subjects that you should be doing for your major etc.

For more info about enroling:

Hope you all have a good weekend!



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